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Dave Briski - ISA Head Basketball Coach for the Prep Team and Director of Basketball Operations

Andre Tate 513-967-9228 - Winton Woods HS Head Coach (University of Cincinnati Basketball Alumni)

Melvin Levett 513-417-4629 – Winton Woods Middle School Coach (University of Cincinnati Basketball Alumni)

David Lumpkin 513-652-2584 - Winton Woods High School Athletic Director (Demari’s head coach, 30 year coaching career)

Demond Stephens 770-355-8566 - Atlanta Celtics

Bobby Jones 513-236-3669 - Atlanta Celtics

Jerry Williams 330-812-4713 AAU/ HS Coach in the Akron/ Cleveland Area

Mark Mitchell 513-240-1684 - Taft HS Head Coach, Former Assistant Coach at The Ohio State University Women's Basketball 

Mike Pilgrim 513-371-1379 -  Winton Woods HS Assistant Coach (AAU coach 22 Vision, currently with Wildcat Select)  

Greg Oliver 270-403-4506 – Manimal Elite

Reece Gaines 608-334-7733 – Louisville Magic (University of Louisville Basketball Alumni, Assistant Coach NBA-G League)


Coach endorsements


Athletic ability: 9/10

Leadership: 10/10

Team player: 10/10

Easy to work with: 10/10

Ability: "I was Demari's varsity basketball coach when he was a freshman. He was a starter as a freshman which was tough earning this spot as an incoming freshman. Before the season started, I told him he would start the year playing on the junior varsity team and dressing up for varsity. he did not complain he just worked. We played a foundation game and he scored 24 points. After this game I did not have a reason not to play him on varsity. During the first game we were down 5 points when he entered the game towards the end of first quarter. He proceed to hit two 3 pointers in a row to give us the lead. Demari earned the respect of his teammates by make shots on a consistent basis. During the year he was given the ball to take the game winning shot from a division I point guard. He would go on to 2 winning shots for victory. All of this as a freshman. He shot most of the season around 41 percent behind the arch and ended the season at 38 percent. His defense and overall strength was a week spot as a freshman but he has excepted the challenge of becoming a better defensive player and has improved steadily for the past 2 years. Demari has a tremendous upside. Colleges are paid to project players and how they will improve during their years plating college basketball. He has outstanding work ethic, determination, size, long and a wingspan of 6'7. "

Personality: "Demari has developed the skill to become an excellent basketball player on and off the floor. I have coached for 30 plus years and found his work ethic to be in my top 5 players that I have ever coached (this includes former NBA players i coached). I personally have opened the gym during the school year for Demari to get shots up before his first bell class. Demari has also increased his overall body strength through his personal trainer, by adding muscle to his body. Basketball is in his heart and his commitment to the game is unmatched. This is a kid that does not have any off court baggage that would concern a college coach. If you have players that struggle to work on their game, they will follow Demari because he is that type of leader. "

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