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“I feel like there are a few irreplaceable qualities that make me stand out from others,” Martin said. I am a big, skilled guard that thinks in terms of ‘we before me’ with my team-first mentality. I can defend multiple positions and my work ethic is unmatched!  “I have also had the opportunity to compete on big stages, and have always risen to the level expected of me. I also take pride in my personality, and my ability to create great, strong relationships with my teammates. I also become an NCAA Eligibility Center Qualifier after my junior season.”

Martin is a player that has a burning desire inside of him to play this game, and that is why he does it at such a high level.  “I would say that at a very young age, I knew that I wanted to earn and own my own greatness,” Martin said. “Playing college basketball has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

“I have always had the full support of my family, and I cannot wait to see their faces once this dream becomes a reality. All of their sacrifices to give me a chance at what I loved to do is priceless!” In the classroom, Martin may be at his finest, as he has a 3.23 GPA, proving to coaches that he understands the importance of academic success, as well as success on the hardwood. With several schools interested in his services, it will be interesting to see where Martin ends up, as he can come out in the ’21 or ’22 class.

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